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  • Current Major Project:

    Empowering women in Muriet

    The Moriah Women's Group in Muriet, a suburb of Arusha, is led by our community co-ordinator Mary Owino. These enterprising women all run micro-businesses; from their profits, they give back to the Group to help other women start businesses, to help young people with educational costs and skills training, and to meet urgent needs within the community.


    We want to help the women pictured above (with Mary, far right) to upscale their businesses (chicken rearing, small scale farming, sales of food crops) and so generate more profit to be re-invested within their community, while inspiring and encouraging other women to start their own small businesses.


    The Group also has a piece of land on which they would like to build a community hall with residential rooms attached, both providing a meeting place for this and other groups within the village and bringing in income for the community through room rental.


    Part 1 of our project focuses on helping Leah, Suzan, Sayuni, Esther and Mary to upscale their businesses. Take a look at our Facebook page leading up to International Women's Day on 8th March 2020 if you'd like to know more about these enterprising and inspirational women! Thanks to funding received recently from The Peter Stebbings Memorial Charity and The Allan and Nesta Ferguson Charitable Trust, we'll be able to start this project in August 2021.



  • Mateves Community Hall - ACHIEVED!

    In 2018, our partner Onesphorus and his congregation held their church meetings in the open air. Their dream was to build a bricks-and-mortar hall, to serve both as a community hall which could be used by many different groups, and as a church building where services could be held and those in need come to be helped. There is a particular need for employability and skills development training for more disadvantaged groups within the community, so this would be one of the first uses of such a building.

    We're very happy to say that, thanks to generous grants from the Van Neste Foundation and the Seedfield Trust, in addition to sponsorship and donations from our supporters, the total required has been raised and building was completed in November 2019!

  • A Dala Dala (minibus) for the

    The CHISWEA (Children of the Street Welfare Association) Centre in Arusha aims to rescue children from the streets, give them an education, and reintegrate them into the community. Over 600 children have gone through its care since 1991 and it currently looks after 36 young people aged between 11 and 20.

    The Centre wanted to purchase a passenger minibus (locally known as a Dala Dala) to help in carrying out daily activities such as transporting children and buying supplies; however it was also to be used to transport paying passengers, generating income and enabling the CHISWEA centre to improve the services they provide and increase the number of children they can help – while also providing employment for two of the young people who have come through the care of CHISWEA, who have been trained as drivers and passed their tests.

    A suitable minibus was identified and purchased at the beginning of November 2018. As the drivers are still in their mandatory probationary period, an experienced driver is currently being employed - but the income from the Dala Dala being contracted to a local school for pupil transport more than covers his wages, so the Dala Dala is already bringing in income for CHISWEA!

    Dala Dala bought & drivers trained, thanks to a generous grant from the Cardiff charity Heb Ffin!!

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