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    The CHISWEA (Children of the Street Welfare Association) Centre in the central Sokoni One area of Arusha City was set up by Simon Panga (elder brother of our partner Francesco), to provide the education and encouragement that street children need to reintegrate into family and community living. They run a Family and Reintegration Programme, a Health Care Programme and an Education Programme which is coordinated by Francesco.


    Mateves is a village on the western outskirts of Arusha, about 15km from the city centre. Here we are linked with the church community of Ambassadors Church, who support widows and orphaned children.


    The Moriah Women's Group takes care of four goats gifted by Heart for Africa for the benefit of the Muriet community.


    Green Path for Community Support (GP-COSU) is an NGO working in central Arusha, giving support in the community to vulnerable children and families. Their centre provides nutritious meals for children, and helps them to access education. Heart for Africa is sponsoring two children supported by GP-COSU.